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  It is extraordinarily frustrating to live as a black-and-white thinker in a world full of grey.  If we are limited to perceiving relationships, circumstances, and situations in an exclusively binary manner, we will likely end up either extremely happy

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  Monday afternoon, I had an unexpected gift on my desk.  A bag of coffee!  In fact, the very one that is pictured above.  I had not had a very good day up until that point.  I was tired and had

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There have been quite a few social media posts about 2016, and how bad of a year it was.  Phrases such as, “2016! Worst year ever!”  and “2016!  Be done already!” pretty popular right now. Part of me gets it.

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I’m becoming an old man.  Never thought it would happen, or happen this quickly.  And here it is. When I was a kid, my parents and I never really agreed on what was good music or not.  On more than

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    Can you afford to get up five minutes earlier, every day?  If you can (and you can), you have the ability to start your day on a better note.  Here are some things you can do with five

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* *image found at Sophomore year of college, I was gifted a car.  It was great.  Living only five hours from home, I could come and visit my parents and friends on weekends and over breaks pretty much as I

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  * I love the movie, “The Princess Bride.”  In it, the protagonist, Wesley, becomes “mostly dead.”  By the end of the story, he is on his way to being fully alive.  If you haven’t seen this movie, stop reading

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  Think for a few moments about paths and ruts.  What tends to come to mind? The more a path is walked on, the more developed it gets.  In a forest, animals make game trails.  The more those trails are

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The Weight of Expectation can be a difficult burden to carry. We push up against the next level, and sometimes it pushes back.  It’s like pushing against strong elastic.  The closer we get to that level, and the more the elastic is

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So I turned 46 on April 15th.  I don’t much care, since 46 is not really a “big” birthday.  I suppose the one cool thing about it is that I am now officially closer to 50 than I am to

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Resistance band training! Ms Lily and Mr Daniel showing some foam roll drills they learned from Master Wissbroecker.  Great leaders! #team Thank you, Ms Hommer!  It's a pen!  And, it lights up!  Whoo-Hoo! Took a couple hours to read Peak Poomsae's training reflections.  A lot of good feedback from them, and I'm impressed (and not surprised) how articulate they are regarding their training needs and performance. 
Gonna be somethin' this year... Look at these fantastic benches made by Mr Ben Klement!  Thank you, sir! Peak Poomsae writing reflections after training.  Engaging the brain and the body!