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I wasn’t much for Statistics class in Graduate School.  The professor was a kind gentleman from Korea, with a very strong accent and a stronger mind.  He was funny, approachable, and a terrible teacher.  For some reason, he related each

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I have been listening to a wonderful speaker lately, by the name of Graham Cooke.  A lot of his teachings have to do with our reframing ourselves.  Rather than seeing ourselves as starting from a place of weakness, defeat, sin,

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chasing, 1

We’re all chasing something, or many somethings.  Fame.  Love.  God.  Relationships.  Money.  Success. In our chasings, we can get wrapped up in the pursuit.  When that happens, we often lose sight of the trees for the forest, and end up pursuing

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I was all set to write a really clever, intelligent, and droll essay on one of the four Compass Points in organizations, namely, People.  I had some pretty great anecdotes and wisdom to share.  As I kept at it, the

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Late last spring, our competitive Poomsae team had a guest coach come in and work with us for the weekend.  Poomsae is part of Taekwondo, where athletes perform a set pattern of movements (traditionally known as “forms”).  Our guest coach,

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One of my many nerdy attributes is that I tend to read journals and “scholarly” articles and books quite a bit.  Of particular interest are neurology, psychology, behavioral economics, martial arts development, and sports psychology.  I also read blogs and

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Resistance band training! Ms Lily and Mr Daniel showing some foam roll drills they learned from Master Wissbroecker.  Great leaders! #team Thank you, Ms Hommer!  It's a pen!  And, it lights up!  Whoo-Hoo! Took a couple hours to read Peak Poomsae's training reflections.  A lot of good feedback from them, and I'm impressed (and not surprised) how articulate they are regarding their training needs and performance. 
Gonna be somethin' this year... Look at these fantastic benches made by Mr Ben Klement!  Thank you, sir! Peak Poomsae writing reflections after training.  Engaging the brain and the body!