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I wasn’t much for Statistics class in Graduate School.  The professor was a kind gentleman from Korea, with a very strong accent and a stronger mind.  He was funny, approachable, and a terrible teacher.  For some reason, he related each

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  It is extraordinarily frustrating to live as a black-and-white thinker in a world full of grey.  If we are limited to perceiving relationships, circumstances, and situations in an exclusively binary manner, we will likely end up either extremely happy

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A virtuous cycle is a chain of events that reinforces itself through some type of feedback loop, with advantageous or positive results.  As the cycle develops, it is strengthened. Despite appearances, a virtuous cycle isn’t self-propagating.  If the cycle doesn’t

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I have been listening to a wonderful speaker lately, by the name of Graham Cooke.  A lot of his teachings have to do with our reframing ourselves.  Rather than seeing ourselves as starting from a place of weakness, defeat, sin,

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One of our fears, perhaps the biggest fear, is if we open up, even a little bit, others will see the what’s really inside us.  They will see that we are often broken, wounded, and hurting.  Not all of the time, and

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Many of the athletes I work with are at or near the elite level.  They have spent years developing their craft, so that they can be world-class.  Because of this, many of them do not need me to set their expectations.

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    Can you afford to get up five minutes earlier, every day?  If you can (and you can), you have the ability to start your day on a better note.  Here are some things you can do with five

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  *photo credit: When I am coaching, I very rarely raise my voice (read “yell”) to get my athletes’ attention.  Because we still exist with three distinct and symbiotic brains, we have literally no control over some of our responses.

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