My podcast and audiobook libraries have grown pretty large.  At times, I get a bit overwhelmed by the amount of content available and left unheard.  I subscribe to twenty-one podcasts*, and have twenty-one audiobooks on my device.  Until this very moment, I was not aware that I had the same number of each, which is both cool and “yeah, whatever” at the same time.

Most of the podcasts renew daily or weekly, with a couple that renew monthly.  I listen to eight of them on a regular basis, and the rest occasionally.  I have listened to or am currently listening to each of the audiobooks.  Probably because I paid for them.

One of the issues I am having with The Horde is information overload.  I benefit from breadth at the expense of depth.  This isn’t a universal for me–I have listened to a couple of my audiobooks several times (notably, “Top Dog” and “The Talent Code”).

Another issue, which might not be an issue, is that much of the material presented in one source in The Horde parallels or reinforces information another.  Because I sometimes (read: most of the time) don’t discipline myself enough to slow down, breathe, and be still, I will merge information from one source to another.  I will start one podcast, for example, then switch to an audiobook, and then switch to a different podcast.  Sometimes this happens in the twenty-odd minutes it takes to drive to my school.

So, I have a goal for myself: Listen more to less.  Engage more with fewer.  Appreciate the breadth of information, and embrace the depth of knowledge.  Build up the myelin in my brain, so that I can actually use the information.

How about you?

*As of last evening, I now have 25 podcasts in my library, and 22 audiobooks.  Paring it down…



Husband. Father. Son. Broken, Mended.

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  1. Gaye Hoth says:

    Conversations, including discussions with other humans, seem often left in the dust behind an old Model A on a dirt road. Yet, challenging oneself to interact can indeed be a delightful substitute for what is fed through earbuds.


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