My beloved, Christine, and I are both in our forties.  As she often reminds me, I am deeper into my forties than she is.  In fact, I am so deep into them it is much easier to see fifty than to look back at forty.  It’s good, though.

One of the things that happens as we age is that invitations to formal events change.  It has been a while since we have been invited to a wedding.  It’s been even longer since either one of us has been invited with a “plus one” on the invitation, since we are now in our twenty-second year of marriage.

One of the conversations I have been having with my team is developing a “plus-one” attitude.  Rather than doing to minimum requirements, they should go at least one step beyond.  During our more intense training sessions, we will give the athletes a timed requirement.  For example, they will be required to do 100 perfect side kicks, each leg, in two minutes.

Many of them are at the point where this is getting pretty easy.  So, they should keep adding a “plus one” until they run out of time.  Not only does this increase their athleticism, it bolsters their confidence and mental agility.  I want them to keep pushing their ceilings, and to push back at me because they are just killing it.

“You think that’s going to be hard, Coach?  That all you got? Nah.  Look at what I’ve got!  Look at what I’m made of!”  When they get to that point, I know they are getting ready to go against the best in the world.

Where in your life can you add a plus one?  I would recommend in most areas, make small changes.  Those are easier to accomplish and easier to track.  Over time, those plus ones have a multiplicative effect.



Husband. Father. Son. Broken, Mended.

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