Monday afternoon, I had an unexpected gift on my desk.  A bag of coffee!  In fact, the very one that is pictured above.  I had not had a very good day up until that point.  I was tired and had gotten behind on a few projects.

This past weekend, some athletes, families, and I travelled  to Indianapolis for a seminar, and on Monday I was pretty exhausted.  We left early Friday morning, and came back Sunday evening.  It’s a bit over 600 miles from my house, and with construction, rest stops, and traffic, the trip home took about 11 hours.

Additionally, I did not rest well Saturday at the hotel.  There was a wedding, and some of the wedding party thought it would be a swell idea to have a loud, drunken discussion in front of my door.  At least they were having a good time.

Sunday night, I slept fairly hard.  Waking up Monday, I did not feel well rested.  Going about my day, I was in a bit of a fog.  Mentally, I was working hard to prepare myself for classes and training.  Mondays tend to be twelve hour work days for me, which most of the time is fine.

Seeing that bag of coffee on my desk immediately lifted my spirit.  There was an anonymous note with it.  You can see it at the end of this post.

I’ve trying for a couple of days to create some sort of grand, life-changing takeaway from this kind act.  How the universe somehow shifted, never to be the same again.  Instead, here’s what I came up with: Thanks.

Thanks for being generous.  Thanks for knowing me well enough to give me some really excellent coffee.  Thanks for thinking of me.

I’m going to save that bag when it’s empty.  Maybe that’s weird.  I don’t really care.  That gift came on a day when, unknown to the giver, I was struggling a bit.  It totally changed my day.  I want to remember that.

Thank you.





Husband. Father. Son. Broken, Mended.

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